24 Apr 2017

Guardians Of the Galaxy Fashion Series: Rocket Raccoon…Nah, Just Kidding. How To Dress Like Braley Cooper! (3 of 3)

Thank you so much for following this fashion series entirely dedicated to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. We hope that you’ve been enjoying following these fashion articles as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Rocket Raccoon

And today, we have reached the last part of the series, part 3. During the first episode, we have explored how we can summon our inner Star Lord through his iconic red leather jacket style. And last time, part 2 of this series, we have taken a look at Drax The Destroyer’s favorite pairs of pants.

Today, we’re going to take a look at Bradley Cooper’s style. That is, unless you want to look like an orange mess if you really want to stay true to your Rocket Raccoon madness.


Cooper did not earn the style title “topcoat king” for nothing, and the reason is because this guy could truly rock the (usually hard to wear) topcoat like a boss. His topcoats are usually double breasted and partnered with more casual items like a sweater over a plaid shirt, jeans, and a pair of rugged-looking boots. Speaking of which…

Plaid Shirt

Your Bradley Cooper style will never be complete without a plaid shirt. This guy wears his plaid shirt with everything – even with a suit! Want to win this look? Then just remember these two simple rules: Bigger squares are for more casual looks, while smaller squares are for more formal affairs.

Leather Boots

And now we finally reach the end of this article, and what better way to end this than with the cherry on top of all Bradley Cooper’s looks: the leather boots. If you want to stay true to the Bradley Cooper style, then I suggest that you take a look at the lighter shades of brown when finding the perfect pair. Get a pair of leather boots in that soft tan color, or even a darker shade of brown would not hurt at all.

Of all the characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Rocket Raccoon has to be my most favorite character, so you can say that I am kinda grateful to Brad for giving my favorite character some justice. Till next time geeks!