24 Feb 2012

Gretchen Rossi kicks off the best links of the day

Gretchen Rossi is new for us and.. staged some bikini photos for you guys [GCeleb]
Can You Handle Another Video of Kate Upton in Swimwear? Here is is… [Brobible]
Celebrating Friday with pictures of a Hot Blonde Named Lauren Volker [Caveman]
Sonia Ferrer is a Spanish TV host from Barcelona. Brings heat to winter [Regretful]

Model Vivian Kindle deserves your full and undivided attention now [ExtraMustard]
The Hottest Miss Sprint Cup Models In NASCAR History will make you drool [Busted]
Candice Swanepoel is uber stunning for Victoria’s Secret Bride Collection 2012 [PHS]
Kendall Jenner bikini photos: get ‘em now before she turns into a train wreck [FListed]

The Girls of Mardi Gras will make you regret you didn’t get to New Orleans [Gunaxin]
Thinking Outside The Box: 26 Creative Package Designs that you will like [NedHardy]
2012 Oscars: Here Are A Bunch of Fun Facts About the Academy Awards.. [EgoTv]
German model Isabel Neumair is another hottie you guys should know [CelebSlam]

Pretty great: Forever Alone Guy Photoshops Celebrities Into His House Party [COED]
Victoria Justice continues her TV show, album, DVD & video game tour [MoeJackson]
The 2012 Motor Bike Expo Girls will make you like motorbikes a lot more [Uncoached]
And… this is for all you nerds/geeks out there: 40 Hot Girls In Nerdy Outfits [QiDaily]