19 Mar 2013

Gracie Carvalho unleashing her uber sweet curves

Alright mates, it’s time to kick off another day here at Brosome with one of the sexiest (and in our opinion one of the most underrated) supermodels on the face of the planet right now, Gracie Carvalho, doing a bang up job of modeling bikinis and some lingerie as well for the new spring collection from Next.

I think I’ve probably gushed over hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of this Brazilian bombshell already and believe it or not, I’m still saying “sweet Christmas” every time I discover a new photoshoot with her. She looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but when you get to see her in skimpy little outfits, then my friends, you’re in a for a treat.

Which is not surprising considering that she’s a Brazilian supermodel, right? You guys would be hard pressed to see/find a hotter babe than Gracie Carvalho today but.. stick around because we’ll try to top this mesmerizing photoshoot soon. Enjoy the photos!