26 Oct 2012

Gosh, Hana Nitsche is perfect and sexy beyond belief!

Ok, as some of you guys painfully know, I’m a huge fan of the drop dead sexy German supermodel Hana Nitsche, especially when she’s showing off her sizzling little body in lingerie. It’s been many, many months since the last time we’ve had the privilege of gushing over a new photoshoot with this peach but today might be our lucky day because we’ve just found exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to AdoreMe lingerie, we have a brand spanking new set of photos with Hana Nitsche that will probably make you squirm in your chair. She’s doing exactly what supermodels do best in this new photoshoot and, in case you’re absolutely clueless what it is that supermodels do best, it’s dropping our jaws and looking like a sexy little minx in skimpy little clothing.

There’s not much else to add other than the fact that she has one of the most perfect bodies on the entire planet, but you’ll probably see that from these photos below. Enjoy, and try not to drool all over yourselves!