16 Aug 2011

Good lord… Miranda Kerr is so darn cute it’s insane

Gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t posted these brand spanking new photos from Victoria’s Secret featuring the scorching hot Miranda Kerr on our site either. She’s showed off her lovely little body in skimpy lingerie and swimwear as well lately and all we’ve posted with her was this somewhat hot photoshoot for David Jones.

But now we’re back with a massive gallery with all we’ve mentioned earlier: bikinis, lingerie and… Miranda Kerr. So, here’s the always uber cute, and one of the hottest women in the entire world, Miranda Kerr, prancing around in said bikinis and lingerie for Victoria’s Secret and looking totally drop dead sexy while doing so!

Sweet Christmas… now if these photos don’t convince you that she has one of the sexiest/most perfect bodies right now, as well as being the cutest peach on the planet, well then… I’m sorry to say but you’re probably suffering from blindness. In which case you’re probably not even reading this, I guess.