20 Mar 2017

Go To War In Style With The Valentino Studded Leather Boots

Leather boots is the real deal man. It’s rough. Manly. It doesn’t hurt your feet. And it can still be sleek and stylish. Rough but stylish. That’s the winning combination and it should be the only way we play.

Here’s a question: have you ever went into the battlefield in a pair of oxfords? I’m not saying that you’re a part of some Battle Royale shit, but something close enough: a really hectic work day. A day where you’d be required to run around all day in those confining cursed leather shoes. That’s hell.

So why’d you need to go through that hell when you have a more comfortable yet just as stylish alternative: Valentino’s studded leather boots.

Valentino Leather Boots

What makes this pair so special is the fact that it’s both stylish and simple at the same time. Sure it’s got pyramid-shaped studs, but it’s in an understated way that gives off that “I don’t give a sh*t” sort of vibe. And while it’s in that army-style combat silhouette, it’s also in smooth Italian leather hinting people that you do care. You really do.

How To Wear Your Studded Leather Boots

For those hectic days at work, but you don’t really have any important client meetings to attend to, why not dress up in a simple gray sweater and black jeans. To ward off the chills, a long black coat would do the trick. Simple yet elegant. For the more formal days, your dress shirt would look dashing under your suit, as per yoush, but if you want a rugged change, then you can try switching that with your black leather jacket. Still, your boots would appreciate the slim fit pants. You can either fold it or let it scrunch up in the end. Your choice. Then at night, you can just trade your dress shirt with a more comfy tee, put on the leather, and look effortlessly edgy.