5 Jul 2010

Gisele Bundchen unleashes her hot body once again

Gisele Bundchen Muse 1

There’ s a major difference between photoshoots from mens magazines and the ones from fashion magazines. Some focus on clothes while the other focus on the girls’ bodies instead. We definitely like to see more skin and that’s why we think fashion magazines are less interesting but from time to time we get to see a pretty hot shoot from these magazines worth posting here.

The Italian fashion/art magazine called Muse has a special pictorial in their Summer 2010 Issue with the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen showing off her hotness once again. I don’t have a clue who thinks of Gisele as a muse but yeah, she’s hot enough to inspire people so I guess we can say she’s a muse too.

So, since I know you would love to see more than just a bunch of new pictures with Gisele, we also found the video from this photoshoot that’s definitely worth a look.