26 Jan 2012

Gio Ott is new for us and so hot you’ll squirm

We’ve received an email from one of our fans earlier today saying exactly this: “I don’t know how guys you do it, but you always find new photos of some of the hottest models. Maybe you could find more photos of my new love Gio Ott. She’s a hot American model who recently posed for Frederick’s of Hollywood”. That’s enough to have our full attention, I guess.

Now I had absolutely no idea who Gio Ott was, but after a quick Google search I’ve quickly discovered that she’s uber hot and that she has one of the sexiest bodies I’ve seen lately. I can’t believe we haven’t featured this girl in here yet but.. better late than never, eh? She’s hands down one of the hottest American models you’ve probably never heard of.  Until this day.

Not only is she ridiculously hot but she’s also pretty successful in her modeling career shooting for Frederick’s, Triumph, Nordstorm and many other popular brands already. She looks amazing in swimwear but she’s just beyond that whenever she poses in lingerie and.. that’s exactly what you’re going to see right now, a massive collection of drool inducing lingerie photos with Gio Ott that will surely make your day.