23 Aug 2012

Ginta Lapina is ultra sexy and uber cute!

OW !! I’m pretty sure you guys and gals are going to love me for this post. Here’s the adorably hot Latvian super hottie and supermodel Ginta Lapina unleashing an onslaught of sweetness while posing in sexy little lingerie from La Senza making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside in the process.

Sweet Jesus.. these are some of the most amazing lingerie photos we’ve seen this month, maybe even this year, and it’s all thanks to this girl’s cuteness and tight little curves. Speaking of that.. dear lord, does this peach have a totally rocking body or what !? From her groovy hips to her sexy long legs to her perfectly shaped lingerie cleavage to her bodacious booty and so on.. I’m in love !!

She looks so freaking adorably hot that I’m squirming in my chair like a fish out of water as we speak. That will happen to you as well when you click on the sexy thumbnails below. Enjoy!