29 Aug 2012

Giedre Dukauskaite is new, uber sexy and curvy

Yay, we’ve discovered another gorgeous supermodel that I’m pretty sure you guys and gals probably don’t know yet, coming straight from Lithuania. Say hello to Giedrė Dukauskaitė, a girl who can easily knock your socks off with her unique beauty, especially when she’s posing in sexy lingerie as you’re about to see right now.

Now before I start gushing over this girl’s tight little body, let’s see what a quick Google search says about her.. Apparently she’s a pretty successful model already according to her wiki page which makes me wonder why haven’t we heard of her earlier? She caught our attention by posing in lingerie so .. maybe that’s what any other girl should do to appear on our radar.

Having said that, here’s Giedre Dukauskaite doing one hell of a job of unleashing her sexiness for a new sexy lingerie collection called Women’s Secret. That’s it, enjoy!