23 Aug 2012

Gianne Albertoni’s curves will melt your freaking eyeballs!

We’re kicking off this Thursday pretty damn late ’cause I just drove over 1,000 miles last night and, even though I’ve slept ’til 3pm, I’m still so. freaking. tired! But I can’t say no to your daily dose of hotness, especially when we’ve found three breathtaking photoshoots with a couple of hotties that I’m pretty sure most of you guys don’t know too well.

For example, here’s another less known Brazilian supermodel who goes by the name Gianne Albertoni doing one hell of a job of showing off her beyond sexy body in skimpy little lingerie for a collection called ‘Darling’. That’s a pretty fancy name, but yeah, if she’d wear that lingerie around me, I’m pretty sure I’d talk to her with ‘darling’.

After I’ve Googled this girl’s name, I’ve discovered she even has a Wikipedia page which means she’s pretty damn popular, at least in her native country. She worked for a lot of top designers but now she finally made the right thing to make us drool over every sexy curve of her brilliant body.. she posed in lingerie. Enjoy!