30 May 2017

Getting Behind Dr. Strange’s Wheels – The Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

Did you enjoy the first Dr. Strange movie? I know I did, especially the part when he was driving his bat mobile-like Lambo. Apparently, he was driving a Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4. Too bad it ended bad for the car, and it was also the same with the movie which ended up to be a total hit.

Sorry, just can’t help myself. Going back, the car hails its power from a naturally aspirated V10 engine, no less. It’s an all wheel drive, and comes in a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

As for speed, it can go from zero to sixty in just a little over three seconds (3.2, to be exact), and to a hundred miles per hour in less than ten seconds!

Wait, is Lamborghini okay that their car crashed in the movie?

The thing about super heroes and their super cars is that they best complement each other, much like how the bat mobile is Batman’s sidekick as much as Robin himself. And while we cannot be bitten by radioactive shar pei to become our favorite superhero, we can still always emulate that superhero feel by getting behind their wheels. Hence, the reason why big brands like Lambo love to get featured in superhero films – even if they do, sometimes, get crashed.

Not only that, Lamborghini CEO Domenicali himself said that Dr. Stephen Strange’s life story matches the ideals of their company as well, so it was really an honor for them for the hero to choose to drive their car, plus the fact that the iconic car crash will forever be marked in the history of the movies as the event that “made” Dr. Strange, the superhero.

Come to think of it…

Dr. Strange was a lousy driver. Now before you hate me, hear me out. He was irresponsible and it was a miracle that no one else got hurt from his carelessness. So it’s really unfair to blame it on the Lambo. And for crying out loud, the car jumped over the cliff and Strange was still able to come out of that alive, while only getting his hands hurt. How many cars do you think would let you survive that kind of car crash and still allow you to walk?