24 Jul 2017

Get That Sleek Ryan Gosling Look In LaLaLand

Lalaland has taken the world by storm. It has won a lot of awards, and while I don’t really disagree on a lot of the negative reviews about the film there is one thing we can all agree on – that Ryan Gosling look too damn good in the film.

Ryan Gosling LaLaLand

And we can all get some fashion advice from the pretty boy on how to be pretty boy ourselves. Dancing pretty boys.

The Suits

In the film, we see Ryan Gosling put on a suit, or a blazer, numerous times. And while you can find similar choices in the market, you would have to Mary Zophres, the film’s costume designer to have one custom-made for you if you  want to have the same exact piece.

Ryan wore a beige and navy blazer.

The Tie

Our researchers weren’t really able to spot the exact match of the ties Ryan used in the film so I’m guessing that they were also custom-made for him, but here are two choices that are definitely spot-on in terms of similarity.

The first one is the iconic beige tie that he wears in the movie posters, and a close match would be Michael Kors’ Chain Links Geo-Pattern Classic Tie. It only costs less than thirty dollars.

I wish I can say the same for the second tie, the black patterned one. Because the closest match would be Fendi’s Monster Eyes Jacquard Silk Satin Tie which is $200. Black patterned ties are surprisingly expensive, now that I think about it, but well worth the investment because they can go with a lot of things.

The Shoes

Finally we have the sleek shoes. This is my favorite part! We found the exact match! It’s Worldtone’s Nueva Epoca Buenos Aires Oxford Shoes. We weren’t able to get the price though.

And if you want a matching pair for the lady (because come on, which lady would NOT want a new pair of shoes), you can also get Worldtone’s Modified Diamant Ella Shoes, the same pair Emma Stone has worn in the film.