11 May 2017

How To Get The Perfect Washboard Abs – The Right Way!

Who doesn’t want great abs? How many times have you watched Chris Evans strut it out as Captain America and swore that you have almost swoon yourself. I’m a straight dude, but even I have to appreciate that sculpted glory. It is seriously a freaking work of art!

Washboard Abs

But here’s the problem: we all start the year with “this is the year that I’m going to have a six-pack”, and we all know what happens after that, right? No? Allow me to remind you.

There are usually two responses to that statement. The “I’m too busy, so I’ll perform this five-minute workout challenge instead”. Or the “I want results fast and hard so I’m going to start this abdominal workout from hell and get the results I want, much like the tough guy on the picture”.

And then, what’s sad is what happens later. The “I don’t think I can do this anymore. It’s hard to get into the habit, or I’ve been through hell and back and still not getting the results I want!”

Because you’re not really going to get the results you want that way!

That’s the heart of the matter.

Here is a proven strategy to get that washboard abs the right way, though. Because we believe that every guy deserves to get that dreamy “oh yes” from any chick.

Strengthen All Your Muscles

The main thing that you want to do if you want to get those hardcore abs is to burn fat, and you can’t burn fat if your muscles are weak. Usually, the main reason why a lot of us fail is because we only tend to focus on doing crunches – or, you know, just strengthening the muscle group in our abs. This is wrong. We need to work out all the muscles in the body in order to make our abs-building pursuit a reality.

Here is a final tip. Planking is a workout that involves all the muscles, so you might want to start from there in order to get closer to the six-pack of your dreams.