12 Jul 2013

Get Daniela Braga while she’s fresh.. and totally hot

What is there left to say about Brazilian women, that hasn’t already been said? Well, fewer things by the minute. These bodacious and sexy women insist on bombarding us with a constant flow of hotness, just like Daniela Braga is doing in the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie photoshoot.

Staring into her cleavage eyes, I was wondering where do I know this girl from.. of course, she’s virtually unknown to us as a model, although if VS is interested in her, that already says a lot about her; but seriously! I think she somehow resembles Angelina Jolie. It has to be said that this sweetie could break your heart with just a blink of an eye; she’s uber cute and she’s the proud owner of a sexy little body that would make even Angelina a bit jealous.

With those killer curves, this sweet peach is oozing sex appeal and she’s flooding us with her cuteness; she could very well be the next supermodel of reference; one thing’s for sure: you guys can’t wait to drool at her pics, right?! Far be it from me to stop you. You guys have a great weekend! Enjoy Daniela Braga!