17 Dec 2013

Get cookin’ with the incredibly sexy Behati Prinsloo

I can think of a couple of ways Behati Prinsloo could take me closer to heaven, but let’s no get kinky. We all know we’re dealing with a vision of perfection and seeing her usual ridiculously cute little self posing in lingerie is like flying high among the stars: a bliss. Somebody better get me anchored, ’cause I might drift away.

Take a good look at this super cute babe, who we’d all love to.. never mind. The adorably hot Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo is crazy sexy wild, isn’t she? Sure, the blue eyes, the tiny little body and the blonde hair should do the trick, but for me the her sweet toned abs area turn on.

This adorably hot peach is unleashing her overall hotness like she usually does upon us with that killer little body and her sweet, sweet smile that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I just can’t get upset when this cutie comes around showing us all what we’re missing. The incredibly sexy Behati Prinsloo is gettin’ the atmosphere kinda hot; actually, I”m cookin’! She’s already taken most of her clothes off and.. oh, please God, let it happen!