8 Feb 2012

Georgia Fowler looking so damn uber cute you’ll squirm

And.. here’s another girl you’ve probably never heard of, a young model from New Zealand who took the world by storm with her lovely little body who goes by the name Georgia Fowler. Now I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t know much about this girl.. just that she recently posed for Victoria’s Secret and that she’s adorably hot which is all that matters, right?

You could check out her VS shoot at our mates from Brobible but we have something that’s almost as awesome as that, if not even better. She looked ridiculously cute for VS but she definitely turned things up a few notches for this photoshoot, looking really hot in some of these shots.

So, here’s Georgia Fowler looking absolutely drool inducing in many skimpy outfits for the White Sands Resort 2012 Supper Club Collection Look Book. If these photos won’t convince you to remember this hottie’s name then .. probably nothing will. Wowzers!