19 Dec 2012

Genevieve Morton’s bodacious curves are on display!

Here’s my one time uber crush, Genevieve Morton, unleashing her bodacious curves once again in a sexy swimwear photoshoot, this time posing for the brand new collection from Miraclesuit. Now, as you’ve probably noticed already, when it comes to swimsuits, I’m a big fan of bikinis for obvious reasons (more skin, yay), but this girl looks amazing in a classic swimsuit as well.

A couple of years ago I even though she’s going to end up on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue thanks to her rollercoaster curves, but then Kate Upton came around and boom, I almost forgot about Genevieve. Yeah, Kate Upton makes all of us forget about everyone and everything else whenever we see her in a bikini.

But Genevieve still has that groovy little body, looked amazing in this year’s Sports Illustrated, and, as you can see from this photos, she’s sizzling even when she tries on a classic swimsuit. Enjoy the photos and stick around, ’cause there’s a lot more planned for today!