12 Apr 2011

Genevieve Morton makes me forget about everyone else

Now here’s a rare sighting; Thanks to the brilliant guys from Esquire and Me in my Place we’ve got to see Genevieve Morton showing off her sexy little supermodel body while prancing around in her own pad. Wow, will you get a load of that. I’m actually so amazed when I look at these photos that my focus is completely lost.

I’ve always been a fan of this lovely South African peach and I’m really happy to see a couple of new photos with her, especially these pics from Me in my Place. If that’s what she wears on a regular day in her home, then I’m pretty sure we’d all love to visit her place one day, especially if a private tour is included.

I’m used to gush over this girl’s ridiculously hot body in swimwear but these casual pics are waay hotter than expected. Especially the pics where those sweet little pokies show up. Mmm.. enjoy!

[via Esquire]