17 Jun 2010

Genevieve Morton is so hot your face will melt

Genevieve Morton GQ 1

Oh noes! Just last week we made a list with the 10 hottest South African women and I can’t believe we forgot one of the most beautiful chicks from this country, Genevieve Morton. This peach is a 23 year old stunner with the right curves in all the right places who looks perfect in bikinis, lingerie and probably in any other outfit too.

We’ve first seen this babe back in February when she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in a scorching hot pictorial. She’s still a bit underrated at the moment but I predict this hottie might grace the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in the future, maybe even next year.

She’s hot,she’s talented and if it all goes according to plan we’ll be seeing more of those big juicy talents while she lies in a bikini or a beach somewhere.

In probably the most important summer for her country the South African GQ decided to feature one of the hottest babes from the country, Genevieve Morton, in a photoshoot that will drop jaws straight to the floor!

Candice, you’d better watch out and act fast because I might have a new South African favorite soon.