27 Jan 2011

Genevieve Morton is so damn hot your eyes will melt

Genevieve Morton FHM

Here’s my other South African love (besides Candice Swanepoel and Candice Boucher), Genevieve Morton, showing off her perfectly shaped little body for the local FHM magazine. Now I don’t know how’s the weather in South Africa right now, but where I live it’s still damn cold and this freaking hot bikini photoshoot makes me wanna move there.

I’d love to spend every winter in South Africa and if I had a chance to hang out with this blonde stunner at the pool, I’d buy a plane ticket to SA in just a couple of minutes. Hoochie mama, is she ridiculously sexy or what? If there’s one thing I dig more than a babe wearing nothing but skimpy lingerie, it’s a babe wearing sexy bikinis and this peach looks amazing in swimwear!

I was all over this girl ever since I’ve seen the first photos with her in Sports Illustrated’s Swimwear Issue and I really hope we’re gonna see more of her in SI this year and in the next years to come. That’s because she’s a treat for our eyes, as you can easily see from these pictures. That’s all folks, time to drool!