6 Jul 2010

Genevieve Morton is a 10/10 knockout from head to toe

Genevieve Morton 1

South Africa is going to be in the spotlight for just one more week since the World Cup is about to end but… South African babes will always be in our minds and dreams. So.. we decided we should make a special article with the best of Genevieve Morton, one of the most beautiful girls from this country.

Now I’ve already gushed over Genevieve like a damn fool so I’m not going to go on about how freaking sexy and perfect she is. Nope, not when there are screaming hot photos with her from GQ, FHM, Zoo, Sports Illustrated and so on that are awaiting for your clicks and undivided attention.

I’m in love with this babe ever since I first seen a couple of pics with her in a bikini from the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated and I predict she’s going to grace on the cover of this special issue in the future, maybe even next year because we’d all love to see more of those big juicy talents while she lies in a bikini on a beach somewhere.

So, enjoy the hotness that is Genevieve Morton and her beyond sexy body and seriously… try not to pass out.