20 Sep 2017

It’s A Gay World! Top Ten Straight Actors Who Played Gay Roles (1 of 2)

Playing a gender role that is different from your personal preference is more challenging that it looks, so we really take our hats off to these bros, albeit straight, they have taken on the challenge to play roles of gay men. And let me tell you, they weren’t just convincing, but also, legendary. Respect.

This is a two-part series by the way. In this list, we are going to talk about straight actors who played gay roles, and in the next one, we’re going to talk about the opposite – gay actors who played straight roles. Let’s start!

10. Leonardo Di Caprio

I like this guy! Can you tell? I’m not gay for this guy, but if I were born that way, I’d probably like him that way. The Beach? The Great Gatsby? The Revenant? Ugh. Are you kidding me?! All the roles that this man takes are nothing less than awesome, but one of his most controversial roles though started even way before Titanic. He played the role of French poet Arthur Rimbaud, gay. And later, J. Edgar, also gay.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

Let me tell you a secret. I wasn’t able to watch all the scenes of Brokeback Mountain with a straight face – or rather, a straight eye. I basically just skip through some of the parts, then focus on Anne Hathaway’s topless splendor. However, let us take a minute to appreciate Jake Gyllenhaal and his balls to take up one of the most controversial roles of all time!

8. Heath Ledger

Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, let us not forget the other phenomenal actor in the movie, Heath freaking Ledger. Rest in peace brother. Thank you for giving the world, a perfect Joker.

7. Sean Penn

Another favorite actor of mine. Plus, he is one of the most progressive celebrities I know. I’m sure that he will be forever remembered for one of his best roles of all time, as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay government official to be elected in office in San Fransisco, California.

6. James Franco

I was contemplating on who to name before the other. Sean Penn or James Franco…eventually I decided to name Sean Penn first just not to spoil the next person in the list – James Franco. This guy is already known for his controversial roles, no surprises there. He played the role of Harvey Milk’s love interest. Frankly speaking, we need more actors like this guy!

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Oh my goodness…Harry Potter’s gay?! Psych! Let’s cut this dude some slack and give him the fist bump he rightfully deserves by taking on some pretty controversial gay roles and for closely working with the Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that deals with suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth. God knows how much everybody else should support issues like this.

4. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is known for his brilliant acting, the way he simply changes his facial expression from one emotion to the next in a millisecond is surely performance art in its finest. And that’s exactly what he brought to the table in the movie I Love You, Philip Morris, where he played the role of the convict Steven Jay Russell, who fell in love with another convict…you know it, Philip Russell played by Ewan McGregor. Special shout out to Ewan who’s unfortunately not included in this list, but still did great in the film!  

3. Matt Damon

If you ask the ladies to name their favorite action movie type leading man, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if we hear a lot of Matt Damons out there. After all, he has the entire Bourne franchise to back that up. Hence, when he played the role of Scott Thorson (Liberace’s lover) in the biopic Liberace, I found it to be quite refreshing. Finally a Matt Damon movie that doesn’t require adrenaline…or does it?

2. Robin Williams

Robin Williams is an icon for family-friendly films, but when you see the guy play the role of a gay Jewish owner of a drag bar, it is bound to get more than a handful of raised eyebrows. And that’s exactly what happened when he played that role in the movie, The Birdcage.

1. Tom Hanks

You probably would have guessed that the number one actor in this list is Tom Hanks, before we even started to list them down, thanks to his role in the movie Philadelphia. In fact, the movie itself needs a list of its own to top because of the milestone it set in the LGBTQ community as a whole, in letting their rights be seen and heard.