20 Mar 2017

GAME TIME! The Top Ten Gaming Heroes Of All Time (4 of 4)

Wow time flies so fast as we are now in the last edition of our list. And what better way to end it than by listing down the top ten gaming heroes of all time. The characters that have made our gameplay worthwhile. The guys that prove that in the end, even a badass villain can be defeated with perseverance, and of course, never forgetting to save the game at designated points.

10. Leon Kennedy

Respect. That’s what I have for this guy. He can endure really bad business trips, hell holes, and still maintain great hair and style. This definitely earns him the spot in the top ten, and as the guy who kicks off the list.

9. Lara Croft

Okay, here’s a spoiler: Lara is not the only Indiana Jones wannabe on this list but she’s definitely the sexiest! She is undoubtedly one of the greatest heroines in the world of gaming, of all time. Not to mention that she has put Angelina Jolie in the map of nerd dreams.

8. Wander

If only this guy wasn’t controlled by a demon, then he would have ranked a little bit higher in the list of heroes, but any guy who can defeat colossi definitely deserves a spot, even if it is, in the bottom half.

7. Master Chief

What an awesome guy. That’s who Master Chief is. Everything’s getting all blown up. All hope is lost. Who you gonna call? Master Chief. That’s who. The man who can make the impossible, possible.

6. Dovahkiin

A Dragonborn. That’s what this list needs. A man, a hero who can defeat dragons themselves through screaming and then he gets to absorb their souls for lunch, I tell ya. Can you do that, huh, Batman? How about you, Superman? No. Only Dovahkiin can.

5. Ezio

What makes Ezio one of the most memorable characters of all time is our relationship with him. We’ve seen him as a young seventeen yr-old, engaging in fist fights. You know, being a regular kid. We’ve all been there. Then we’ve seen his character develop into a genuine hero – one with a strong sense of justice.

4. Nathan Drake

Let me tell you, I don’t like Nathan. For me, he’s a raging sociopath who is still in denial that modern society is already here and you must learn to live with it. But that’s not the reason why I don’t like guy. I hate him because he’s the perfect lady charmer, with his messy hair and I don’t give a f*ck attitude. Well, let me tell you something Nate, I don’t give a f*ck if you kill too much either. You’re a “hero” and you’re cool.

3. Gordon Freeman

Want to know the definition of badass? That’s Gordon Freeman. A certified nerd with a PhD in Physics, but can kill aliens using a simple crowbar. Creative. Genius. Badass.

2. Cloud Strife

Any guy with a very big sword is my kind of guy. Even if that guy, does indeed look like a girl from time to time. I bet Cloud has proven himself already to us by being worthy enough to face Sephiroth himself! And for that dude, you can take number two (and no, he didn’t bribe me with that awesome bike of his).

1. Solid Snake

Solid Snake is what our real world needs. He is a super soldier with a heart. He has humanity, and he recognizes that he can be vulnerable too – and that’s what makes him one of the best fictional heroes ever, not just in the world of gaming.