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Probably The Funniest Homeless Signs

Today we're gonna show you some... homeless people! You weren't expecting that, right? I'm pretty sure you see at least a couple of them every week and let's be honest, you don't give 'em anything. Being ...

Animals humping wrong animals

Today we wanted to make a gallery with some funny animal fails and while we were searching for some hilarious pictures we've bumped into a couple of animals humping wrong animals. Now that's definitely a huge ...

Parkour fails will knock you off your chair

Parkour is fun, it's cool, it's different and while for some this so called sport is even a way of living, for most of us is just something great to watch or to laugh of. ...

Women Drivers. We laugh at their misfortune

After we've seen the video with that drunk woman driver attempting to avoid paying toll by flying over tollbooth we've decided it's time to make a special article with some funny women drivers. The truth ...

LOLcats will put a smile on your face

Let's face it, this week was rather boring at work or whatever you do everyday and you need something great to get in the mood for a perfect weekend. It doesn't matter if you're a ...

20 Hilarious Comic Strips will make you lol

Someone told me a while ago about a website with new hilarious comic strips everyday and I remember I was laughing my arse off while I checked out almost every comic from there. And there ...

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