30 Mar 2010

Gabriella Cilmi will definitely add some spice to your day

Gabriella Cilmi FHM 1

When I first saw these pics from the latest issue of FHM UK I thought: who the heck is Gabriella Cilmi? She must be famous or something since she landed on the cover of FHM and obviously I went on to search something about her. I knew I’ve seen her somewhere else in the past and when I found out she’s a singer I remember I’ve seen a couple of her videos a while ago.

I’m not a fan of that music genre but they are quite addictive and this babe is pretty great. She’s from Australia and last year or so she released a song called “Sweet about Me” that made her famous all over the world. Don’t know if she should be punished or something for lying, but in that song she keeps telling that there’s nothing sweet about her and judging from this pics from the UK edition of FHM we could see that sweet is a word too soft to describe her.

Besides singing pretty great this babe also writes her songs and she won a couple of music awards already. She’s like the Australian version of Miley Cyrus but she’s a bit hotter if you would ask me and a bit more grown up. So, until now, she recorded some hit songs worldwide, she won a couple of awards, she showed off her stunning body in a popular mens magazine and…. wait for it.. this babe is just 18!!! We’ll probably hear more and more about her in the future.

So, in the end, here is Gabriella Cilmi in the May 2010 Issue of FHM UK showing us her tight body and her more than sweet features.

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