14 Aug 2012

Gabriela Rabelo has a ridiculously perfect cleavage

I know we’ve just kicked the day off with a Brazilian supermodel but there are so many scorching hot girls from that country that I just can’t stop featuring them here. Gabriela Rabelo is another hottie from Brazil that I totally love, a girl who looks like a supernova of hotness any time she poses in skimpy little lingerie.

And believe it or not.. that’s exactly what you’re about to see right now. Here’s Gabriela showing off her perfect Brazilian body and looking uber sultry in the process while modeling some fancy lingerie from Macy’s. Gosh, if these photos won’t make you remember this girl’s name from now on then.. probably noting will.

I like every inch of this girl’s drop dead sexy body.. the cleavage, the legs, the tush, the waist, the lips, the eyes, the cleavage. Wait, did I say that already? Ok ok, enjoy the photos and make sure to check out the related articles below for even more Gabriela Rabelo hotness!