15 Feb 2010

Gabriela Paganini will make your jaw hit the floor

Gabriela Paganini 1

I really don’t know what chicks eat in Brazil, but there are so many gorgeous babes from that country that I even consider moving there one day. Cheap prices, awesome babes, warm weather, a lot of parties, carnivals, fun and so on. I’ve seen a lot of Brazilian models and every chick managed to impress me with her unique hotness.

This time we’re back with a new babe born in Brazil named Gabriela Paganini, a chick who’s got more curves than a F1 circuit. This babe is 24 and pretty unknown for us at the moment but judging by her exotic look and amazing body she definitely needs more attention.

I haven’t found too many info about this babe but according to her myspace she moved to New York or maybe she dreams of moving there one day. Either way, if she gets her… some photographers should get her number as soon as possible and make some stupendous shoots with this babe.

Here we’ve got a photoshoot from a magazine called EhGata which is probably from her native country where Gabriela Paganini is showing off her drool inducing curves for our viewing pleasure.