6 Jan 2017

The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming Is…Behind You?!

No, I’m not joking. Today in this article, we are going to talk about the MSI VR One PC which is said to be the perfect gadget for your virtual reality gaming needs.

Seriously, I haven’t absorbed the full potential of virtual reality yet. I’ve tried out virtual reality once through the VR glasses of a friend and borrowed it to watch porn. Haha! But honestly, the whole experience wasn’t that impressive for me. I think it was probably the quality of the glasses or the videos. We NEED MORE virtual reality videos and games!

Fret no more bros, I think the future of virtual reality is upon us, and it’s going to be strapped on our backs. Allow me to further explain. The MSI VR One PC is actually a backpack PC system. Awesome, right? How many PCs have you heard of that are made to be strapped onto your back? For me: zero. This is the first one that I have heard of, and given the nature of virtual reality, it is absolutely perfect.

But wait, what’s the weight of this thing?

Don’t worry. This baby was made to be sued for extended hours of gaming so it’s pretty lightweight at only less than eight pounds in weight. Just think that it’s an additional way of working out WHILE playing your computer. Multitasking. Awesome. This computer is also thin so there’s no need to worry about lugging around a PC on your back while you’re practically blind to the real world. Tell momma there’s no need to worry about the old antique vase from China.

The battery on this thing is decent to. It comes with two battery packs that each allows more than an hour of gaming. You can easily swap them for continuous play. Hey, with a PC on your back, three hours of continuous gaming is good enough for me.

MSI hasn’t’ released the other specs though, but expect for more exciting news to come in the following weeks.