5 Nov 2012

Full Size Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator

In case you’ve ever dreamed about becoming a Formula 1 driver, this jaw dropping racing simulator is the closest thing to real F1 racing that you’ll ever get. It’s a luxury toy manufactured by FMCG International, a company that’s been producing high end F1 cars and simulators for more than 25 years.

This full size Formula 1 car racing simulator will come with three 23 inch TFT screens, a 5.1 speakers system that sounds like the real deal and a custom high end PC with triple head graphics card with display port, wireless keyboard with integrated mouse and all sorts of goodies.

The cockpit is a great replica of a real formula 1 car and the whole simulator could be ordered in either Silver, Red or Black. This kind of simulators is actually used by racing drivers to improve their techniques and skills but they come with a price. You’ll have to pay “just” $144,790 for one of these full size F1 racing simulators. I’d rather buy a Porsche and race it during track days.