22 Jul 2010

Freire Szilvia has a 10/10 bikini busting body

Freire Szilvia CKM 1

Since celebrities were pretty boring lately we’ve decided to focus today only on babes you’ve never heard of and now it’s time to say hello to Freire Szilvia, the reigning beauty queen from Hungary. I visited this country recently and even though it’s a bit under the radar and it’s not that known for the average American citizen, I can say it’s full of extremely hot women.

So… in this country full of hotties this peach won last year Miss World Hungary which says a lot about how stunning she is. Her body is perfectly shaped even though I think it got a push from a fantastic surgeon but it definitely has the right curves in all the right places.

Apart from winning that beauty pageant, this babe also loves to pose leaving very little to the imagination and show everyone why she’s one of the hottest Hungarian babes. CKM Magazine from Hungary featured a drool inducing pictorial with Freire Szilvia in their August 2010 Issue with a couple of pictures that could drop your jaw instantly!