2 Jul 2010

Francoise Boufhal looking absolutely boobtastic!

Francoise Boufhal 1

You’re probably going to love me for this article because what you’re about to see is just the type of woman you look at and literally say “Good Lord”. The time has come to make a special article with the British sensation Francoise Boufhal, a freaking sexy girl who just loves to show off her rollercoaster curves.

She’s not even 22 at the moment and she already appeared in probably every mens magazine showing off her amazing package in skimpy lingerie. I’m looking at her right now and I’m having a very hard time believing how hot this peach actually is.

If you’re wondering about the number that’s most significant fro Francoise’s look, it’s 28 H. This English babe was a star even before the world knew her name and with her wonderful physique she was ranked on the 3rd place as the hottest woman ever by FHM recently.

Any now, here’s our treat for you guys: a massive gallery with 84!!! photos with Francoise Boufhal that will make you drool like a fool.

PS: Thanks tpseeker for making this gallery.