20 Oct 2017

Fooled Ya! This Laundry Bag Is Pretending To Be A Punching Bag

Welcome back amigos! We are here at Brosome today for another gear related article, specifically for our Fooled Ya series where we feature gear that look like other gear. For those who were not here the last time, feel free to visit that gear article for our feature of the M Grills C4, a portable grill which looks exactly like an ammo box.

Today, we are going to feature another gear. This time, it’s a laundry bag which looks like a legit punching bag. You’ve probably already seen a lot of laundry bags which somehow look like a punching bag, but Suck UK’s Punch Bag Laundry Bag is the real deal.

For starters, people wouldn’t even notice that it’s a laundry bag unless they get too close and smell your stinking underwear inside. Even then they’d probably think – man, what did this guy do to his punching bag?

This laundry bag is made of polyester canvas and faux leather and measures exactly like a punching bag which is 11.8 by 39.4 inches. In fact, you can even fill it with your soiled clothing and practice on it. You can perform those sleek punches and kicks without ruining it. It would probably take a while though before you can do that since you’d have to fill it with thirty pounds of clothes first.

Having said that, the only big difference that this laundry bag has with a punching bag is its weight limit. It can only carry thirty pounds max while a legit punching bag can carry eighty pounds of sand. So before you think of filling it up with sand then you better get yourself a real punching bag instead. That weight will ruin this product.

If you’d want an awesome laundry bag though, then be our guest. This laundry bag is already available at Amazon for $35.