6 Oct 2017

Fooled Ya! This Grill Is Pretending To Be An Ammo Box

This series of gears that we are going to share with you are pretty special, just because you won’t be able to determine what they actually are unless you examine them carefully. Hence, the title of the series “Fooled Ya”.

Today, we are going to talk about an awesome cooking gear which looks like a realistic ammo box.

The M Grills C4

Fans of action flicks and barbecue are going to love this! The M Grills C4 looks like an actual ammunition storage. In fact, now that I think about it, you can probably use it for that too, but like I said, it’s not made for that. This ammo box-looking grill is best for grilling on the go. Going camping or going on a quick trip to the beach while dreaming of hotdogs and steaks? No problem. Just tow this along and you’ll be covered.

Much like an ammo box, this portable grill is also built in a solid 12-gauge steel construction with 304 stainless steel hinges. The handle is made of 304 stainless steel too so there’s no need to worry that this baby will get rusty anytime soon.

Other features include a latch enclosure and a removable grate so you can easily put in wood chips and charcoal with ease. As for the size, it’s also the same as a regular ammo box, measuring 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5.

The only down thing I can see with this thing is that because its whole body is made of steel you wouldn’t want to touch this grill anytime you’re using it. Things can get seriously hot so you have to be careful grilling those kebabs. You’d probably need to let this baby cool down too before you take it and go.

If you want your own M Grills C4, you can purchase it today at $120.