8 Nov 2017

Foods That Will Make Your Work Out Better!

Have you been working out lately? Good for you! I never seem to get into that habit and the cooler weather these days have made it even harder. Did you guys know, though, that there are actually things you can eat that can encourage and even help you to work out? Food that can give you that extra boost of energy or stamina? Or food that encourage more muscle build or weight-loss?

Don’t worry, bros. We’re here to help you out by sharing what types of food these are. Ready? Let’s go!

For that boost of energy, go for oats!

Carbs are the given pre-workout food to give our body that needed extra boost of energy to burn. But what kind of carbs? The answer: complex carbs. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a nutritionist to know where to buy that. Oats is one! Not only would they give you that energy you need, but they’re also rich in beta-glucan and fiber which means more time to digest, and stable energy levels all throughout your workout.

For that boost of stamina, go for beetroot juice!

Beetroot juice is the newest thing in the “superfood” scene, hence it’s not really a big surprise that athletes and fitness fans are all over it. But what makes it special? A LOT. But the one that concerns your workout is its ability to improve muscle oxygenation during workout and that means more stamina.

For that boost of muscle, go for salmon!

I know…oats are more of a breakfast thing while drinking beetroot juice might sound like a chore, but salmon?! Now we’re talking. Give me that bowl of sashimi any day. As it turns out, salmon has the ability to re-syntheisize muscle tissues and is also a great source of vitamin D. Let me make that more simple: more and bigger muscles. Yep, that sounds just about right.

So you see, you don’t really need all those special and dodgy juices from your friend at the back alley. All you really need is a dependable grocery list and dedication to go from you to Dwayne Johnson. Good luck!