19 Jan 2017

Food Shopping 101: Making Healthier Grocery Choices

There are a LOT of food choices at the grocery. Honestly, if you’re going to analyze each and every one of them, it is going to take you  a couple of days in order to finish your grocery shopping. And seriously, who among us dudes would want to spend more than a couple of hours shopping? I know, we also love buying stuff, but if it’s going to take that long, I’d rather order Chinese every day. Thank you.

Food Shopping

But fear not my brothers for I have some tips to make your grocery shopping a lot easier. Here are some ways to determine whether or not the product is healthy or not in just a couple of seconds. Having these guidelines in mind, you will be able to make more healthier choices to fill up your pantry like a boss. A healthy and green boss.

Speaking of green…

Products that are green are healthy. Green means go right? And it’s the same thing with food choices as well. Green stuff like green leafy veggies (kale, spinach, lettuce), green fruits (avocado, kiwi), and more are all healthy choices. You can never go wrong with green.

A product that contains only one ingredient…

Another go signal to watch out for that shouts ‘I’m a healthy option!”, is when a product only has a single ingredient that it doesn’t need a nutrition label anymore. Fruits and veggies don’t have nutrition labels, right? And the same goes with products that did not go through a lot of processing.

…or a couple of ingredients is not bad.

But what if it contains a nutrition label? Does it mean that it’s already bad for you? Of course not. But keep this in mind: the fewer the ingredients, the healthier it is. The more ingredients that you can recognize and that you can easily find at home, the healthier it is. In this light, when you find a product labeled as “healthy” or “organic” and it’s got a lot of ingredients that you don’t really recognize, in fact, you can’t even read them out loud without stammering, well…you need to lay off that product dude.

I don’t about you guys, but I wouldn’t want to eat something with a LOT of things that I don’t even understand. Not to mention that having a lot of ingredients is also a sign that the product underwent a whole lot of processing.