15 Apr 2012

Flyers outmuscle Penguins to win Game 3 of the series

Twelve goals, a couple of crazy fights and more than three dozen penalties, that’s exactly how I’d describe the intense game between the Flyers and the Penguins in just a few words. It was an exciting battle between two teams that clearly don’t like each other lately, a wild game that has been more fierce than ever.

Philadelphia’s offense proved to be unstoppable once again for the Penguins scoring 8 goals to take a huge 8-4 victory that gives them a 3-0 lead in the series. They’re now just one game away from the Eastern conference semifinals and this crazy battle might end on Wednesday if the Penguins can’t find a way to stop this crazy offense. The Flyers have already scored 20 goals in this series, while allowing only 12 and that’s why I don’t think Pittsburgh has a chance to come back in this series.

Game 3 started  with a wonderful first period, with six goals scored and an exciting fight between two stars, Sidney Crosby and Claude Giroux. They even took the referee down with them but there were even more fights in the next periods. After the first period there were 60 minutes worth of penalties and the total of 158 minutes on 38 penalties at the end of the game gives us a hint on how ridiculous this battle was.

Before the playoffs started, I would’ve considered the Penguins among favorites to win the Stanley Cup this season, but in these games against the Flyers they went from bad to worse. They’re down 3-0 right now with the last game in Philadelphia and I think even a miracle won’t be enough to get them back in this series.