31 Oct 2017

Fly Your Own Drone Spiderman Style!

Have you watched the latest Spiderman movie yet? I’m not a big Spiderman fan, to be honest. I’ve been heartbroken before so I didn’t want to reopen that wound in front of the big screen – but I still did. Why? Because of effin Tony Stark, that’s why!

Spiderman with superhero gadgets to rival Batman’s. Now that’s a Spidey I’d love to see. Speaking of which, we are going to talk about one of his cool new tech right now. His flying spider drone, you know, the one which pops out of his torso?

It may not be the coolest of his gadgets, but hey, it’s probably the only one we can actually own for now. Yes, you’ve heard that right.

You can actually buy your very own Spiderman drone.

I present to you the Skyrocket Spider Drone. And it is no joke. It is actually a fully functioning replica of the one we saw in the movie. It can fly, perform awesome surveillance, and everything you’d want a Spiderman drone to do! In fact, it even has an autonomous feature so you won’t even have to pilot it all the time, especially if you just want to watch and enjoy the view.

And what a nice view it’s going to be. We are talking about streaming 720p footage at 30fps. What’s cooler is that since it’s Spiderman-themed, you will also get an Avengers-grade HUD overlaid on your flight footage and even soundbites directly from the movie!

Unfortunately though, it is not made as a video recording device. Rather, it is being marketed as a toy exclusively being sold at Toys R Us so we are not sure how its rechargeable battery will be able to measure up to other professional drones. But hey, look at the bright side. At least you won’t need Tony Stark to make one for you. You can purchase it right now at $149.99