1 Apr 2014

Float away on the Golf Course in Coeur d’Alene

Golf fans, assemble! The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Idaho is located on the northern end of superb lake Coeur d’Alene,. The luxury resort is seemingly the perfect place for golf enthusiasts to try and hit them 18-holes – you know what I mean. But, aside for the putting occasions, the courses feature a notable element – an artificial floating island, which holds the 14th hole.

Now, for those of you who already consider themselves experts, please pay attention: driving onto this green will be a challenge, because it’s a par-3 located in a massive lake, but mostly due to the fact that it moves – not kidding. It’s been built on submerged tracks, and a computer changes its location from 95 to 200 yards. This would be a good time to start learning how to code, since the green never stays put

So, things are looking to get interesting. But, don’t worry, since this ain’t a swimming game. You will get there via a sleek water taxi. Designed by Scott Miller, the course originally opened back in 1991,and is considered to be one of the best resort golf courses in the US. Even Google Maps will allow you to enjoy it – and check the difference in location. Ready to put?