4 Oct 2013

Flawless Liz Solari will blow your mind

My God, where has been blonde goddess been all my life? Coming straight from Colombia, the super hot Liz Solari is here making me drown in my own fluids. This peach is so sweet I get Diabetes just looking at her. Let’s move on before I’ll start drooling over this girl’s totally rocking body and all around perfection and completely lose my mind.

I hear this uber fox is quite popular in Latin America these days – who could argue with that, ha? Showing off her curves in skimpy outfits, posing in several magazines and appearing on many TV shows in these last years has definitely attracted attention, possibly a few stalkers as well. I only know she lives in Argentina, so..

Liz Solari looks amazing no matter what she’s wearing but in lingerie she’s a total knockout. This incredible creation is completely flawless A couple of breathtaking photos with Liz Solari dropping everyone’s jaw while posing in chic lingerie for Lody will prove it. Enjoy!