2 Jun 2011

Five Easy Tips To Boost Your Sex Appeal

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How the heck does that guy get laid?”  That thought is not uncommon, especially when we’re bombarded with images of men like Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black surrounded by women and Seal having Heidi Klum on his arm.

The thing these men have is that mysterious je ne sais quoi that certain people possess. It’s a hidden attribute that isn’t quantifiable in a traditional sense, but people gauge and talk about it constantly anyway — sex appeal.

It makes the world go round. Advertisers spend millions of dollars centering ad campaigns around it, photographers and stylists try to capture it aesthetically. And a lot of people lament the fact that they have no sex appeal.

But that’s changeable. Entirely. And more people are realizing it. Here are some tips to help you bring your sexy back.

Start Having More Of It

People who are having a lot of sex generally are more easygoing and laid back. I wish I could point to scientific studies that supported this hypothesis, because I’m sure there are many – but it’s also common knowledge. More importantly, it’s because of a mentality of abundance. If you can get one woman, you can get many women. And that knowledge is as important for sex appeal as anything else you can glean from books or mannerisms.

Touch More People

One aspect of sexually appealing people is that they’re completely comfortable with their bodies. They’re comfortable with them in social interactions, all the way until they put them on top of those other people. If you slouch, fix your posture. If at a party, you’re just worried about how to stand instead of socializing – stop it. Socialize. You want to be touching as many people as you’re meeting, so all of them. If you’re super-awkward, sign up for acting classes that specialize in movement or take martial arts so you can have a better foundation to build on. Most sexuality is ambiguously defined – but lies in comfort in movement. So get comfortable. Touch people. And often.

Be Less Supplicating – Be A Challenge

People are always complaining that nice guys get stepped on by women or overlooked. That’s a platitude, designed by society to sound like a truism – nice guys are good. You just don’t want to be the nice guy who’s never a challenge for the women that he likes. Being challenging is sexy – because if she can get you easily, then there’s no real point in her chasing after you. If you could get any girl you wanted, you wouldn’t chase them either – unless you saw real value in them. Get in the mindset that you’re a prize, and you will become one.

Pay Attention To How You Look

Rock stars and a vast majority of wealthy people have stylists. You probably can’t afford one. That’s both bad news and great news. Bad news if you don’t have the money, but great news because you now have an excuse to make new friends who will now dress you. If there’s something that women love doing, it’s dressing men who have no idea what to do with their own wardrobes. This means you’ll have to go out and get women friends – but even if that idea terrifies you, there are perfectly helpful people at every shopping center who have a basic knowledge as to what looks work for you and what don’t.

Take showers more regularly. Trim your nails, and always have a package of gum on hand to make sure your breath is fresh. Usually you can pick out the people who have taken time to dress themselves nicely over those who’ve made poor sartorial decisions. Don’t be one of those people. You do have resources available to you so use them.

Start Leading

If there’s one quality that people find attractive, it’s leading. Leading gives off subtle communications that you’re sure of yourself and know what you want – qualities that are sexy. It also is the best way to resolve situations when nobody knows what to do. If you’re the one leading, be it singing in a rock band onstage, giving presentations in a board room, deciding where to spend the night out, or grabbing someone and taking her around a bar, it’s sexy.

About the Author:

Adam Lyons, voted the #1 Pick Up Artist in the World, travels the globe teaching men how to meet the women of their dreams.  He runs a thriving Pick Up, Dating and Relationship Coaching business revolutionizing the way people date and manage their love lives and has been recognized as an international affiliate member of the American Psychological Association. Lyons is the lead instructor and CEO of PUA Training.