19 May 2017

The Fishing Gear That Catches Hotdogs and Marshmallows…Well, Not Really

The Snow Peak BBQ Rod might look like an actual fishing rod, but instead of a hook at the end, there’s a metal skewer, and instead of a bait, there’s a hotdog!

Have you ever thought that sticks are boring roasting implements upon an open fire? Plus, if you don’t get one that’s lengthy enough, it’s tiring to hold your hand towards the fire that way. Do you think that it can be more awesome than that? If you did, then you probably had the same vision as the guys behind the Snow Peak BBQ Rod. Who needs a stick when you can roast a hotdog AND show off your angling techniques at the same time?

Plus, it is also a better, safer, and more fun option for the kids, to all the dads out there who want their kids to enjoy the outdoors more and not laze away in front of a screen.

The Fishing/Cooking Rod

Here are more of its features. First, it comes with two sets of skewers so you can cook two hotdogs at a time. Next, it also comes with a flicking mechanism that allows you to turn the skewers to the other side for a more even cook.

As for the rod, it is thirty five inches long and comes with a wooden handle. This guarantees that you will be at a safe distance from the fire and that the handle will be slip-proof. You don’t want to drop those freshly roasted mallows, right?

Thinking of a new gear to add to your camping repertoire? Then consider this cool rod. Just imagine, you’re by the sea, you can finally say that you know how to hold a fishing rod decently, and you don’t have to wait that long for your catch – you just need a conversation by the fire, and eat your catch automatically.

If you’re interested, the Snow Peak BBQ Rod costs $57.