3 May 2012

Fiorentina coach Delio Rossi hits player, gets sacked

So this happened the other day: Fiorentina ‘s coach Delio Rossi attacked one of his players, Adem Ljajic, right in the middle of Seria A game, in a 2-2 draw with Novara. We rarely hear about coaches attacking their own players, especially in a game from any top league in any sport, which makes this bizarre episode pretty damn unique.

The scene took place when Rossi substituted Ljajic after just 32 minutes when his team was down by 2 goals against Novara. The player was clearly not happy with the decision of his coach and gave him a around of ironic applause as he walked out of the game, towards the bench.

And that’s when Rossi, a coach that’s apparently uber calm usually, was outraged by his player and literally flew at him, clearly landing punches on the player as others tried to keep them apart, before getting up and carrying on as though nothing had happened. The coach was fired immediately after the game for this episode.

PS: apparently the player insulted his disabled son and that’s why he lost it.