17 Jan 2011

Finland’s Satu Tuomisto looking her absolute sexiest

Satu Tuomisto

I really don’t know what happened the other day but we’ve received tons of visitors from a sort of celebrity website from Finland, I think. That was quite odd because we haven’t featured any hottie from this country in here yet but… that’s going to change right now.

All I knew about Finland is that they have great racing drivers and the weather is really cold out there but it seems girls are another attraction of this country as well. So… I was searching this morning for a gorgeous hottie from Finland to post here and I’ve found a couple of photos with Satu Tuomisto, one of the most beautiful girls from this country who was even crowned as Miss Finland back in 2008.

It’s just the first time I’ve seen her and I have to say I was quite impressed by this Finnish hottie. She’s rocking bikinis like some of the world’s top supermodels and she definitely has all it takes to leave us drooling. Here we have a breathtaking photoshoot with Satu Tuomisto showing off her lovely body in sexy swimwear. Sweet!