6 Mar 2017

How To Find A Good Personal Tailor

Every gentleman needs a good tailor, and here’s why: no one likes an ill-fitted suit! It’s not comfortable and it definitely puts a wrinkle on your style. But here’s the thing. It is just absolutely impossible to get a piece of clothing that’s absolutely the right fit for you.

Personal Tailor

Like me. I have slightly longer limbs. This means that getting a long-sleeved shirt at my “size” would be a wee bit short for my arms’ length, and getting the next size would give the right length but it’s not the right size for me anymore. It’s the same thing with pants.

The Solution? A Good Tailor.

If you’re going to spend on clothing, make sure that it will fit you perfectly, and to do that, you’re going to need a good personal tailor. Make one your best friend because he really is going to be there during the important days of your life.

Here’s how to find yourself a good tailor:

First, you can check online. It’s simple. All you need to do is to Google “tailor” plus the name of your area. I bet it will return a hundred search results (and if you have the patience to go past the first page, I bet it’s even more).

Your trusty dusty phone book is a big help too since some of the best tailors are classic and old school. They run small family businesses that have existed for generations, tucked in corner streets and hidden paradises. You just haven’t found them yet. A lot of them won’t be on the internet, but you’re going to have better luck finding them listed on your phone directory.

Finally, you might want to ask family and friends where they get their tailoring done. Take cues from how they dress as well. In this way, you already have an idea (and a first-hand testimonial) whether the tailor’s good or not. Good luck!