13 Dec 2011

Finally… Hand-Crafted Skull Shaped Speakers!

We all love music and.. I’m pretty damn sure we all have at least a set of speakers or headphones at home, right? Most of ’em are pretty dull but a French company thought they could make speakers a bit more interesting and fun and they’ve designed these awesome skull shaped speakers dubbed as “MinuSkull”.

These speakers were hand crafted in France featuring the best components to ensure ultra high sound quality and will be available in three versions: black, white or wood. They’re not too powerful but apparently the sound is “warm, wide and precise” which is more than enough to make you realize that they sound ok.

The only problem is that.. these  Skull Shaped Speakers are priced at around $2,100, I guess (1,600 Eur more exactly). Really expensive, eh?

[via Freshome]