21 Aug 2017

Fight Club: Dress Like Tyler Durden

Fight Club was a big hit. Chuck Palahniuk really made it into the annals of literary history with his novel and even more so when it was made into a film.

Dress Like Tyler Durden Fight Club

But what was it about fight club that made it such a big deal? Well, simply put, it was relevant, and that extra touch of not really giving the narrator a name made it a lot easier for us guys to relate to. Anyone can put himself into Edward Norton’s shoes. The life that was more of performing an everyday routine rather than living. Materialism. Being…soulless? Who doesn’t want to break free from that vicious cycle, release all that stress, and just get a freaking reboot?

This is the reason why Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden, became a modern day hero. And why everything about him, like the way he dresses and carries himself, screams of freedom. Freedom from all that b*llshit. And while we may not be able to start our own underground fight club and blow up buildings, we can, however, dress the part.

The Leather Jacket

Probably the most iconic piece of clothing that marks Tyler Durden’s unique fashion is his fondness for leather jackets and sleek rose-colored aviators. Don’t worry, we’ll touch on the glasses later, but for now, let us take a moment to appreciate this beauty.

We have found the exact piece that Brad Pitt used in the film. It’s the CVJ #2 Leather Jacket by Jonathan A. Logan. It’s priced at $850.

The Couldn’t Care Less Shirt

You might not be able to afford an $850 leather jacket, then how about a $19 shirt? Not bad, eh? Get yourself the exact same “Sock It To Me” shirt that Brad used in the film from ShirtInvaders.

If printed shirts are not your thing, then here’s something that would surely interest you. The Hustle mesh shirt that Tyler used in one of the Fight Club meetings. There’s a match in eBay called the Hustler Mesh Jersey Polyester Project Mayhem Shirt priced at less than $25.

The Aviators

And now, of course, we should not forget the rose-colored aviators that complete the iconic Tyler look.  It’s the red Aero Aviator Sunglasses by Oliver Peoples, and you can get one for $319. If you don’t want to spend too much though, then I’m sure that you can easily find a similar yet cheaper match from other brands. Just make sure that you get the fun signature color correct and you’re all set.

And that’s it! See, Tyler’s style doesn’t need to be too complicated. Throw in a printed shirt, the leather jacket, and the aviators and you’re all set. Just don’t forget the right attitude to fully complete that Tyler Durden style.