16 Mar 2010

Ferrari rocked the first race of the F1 season



Ever since I was a kid I was a big fan of Formula 1 and during every race I was in front of the TV waiting for my favorites to smack that German’s ass. It used to be a thrilling sport but now it became so boring that on the first race of the 2010 season from Bahrain I fell asleep during the first laps and woke up hours later.

Judging by the great nap I took the race was a pretty good sleeping pill and probably the dull circuit and sandy background from Bahrain also contributed to that. If you add almost no overtakings in the race, no accidents, no excitement, not even those stunning girls we usually see in the pit lanes you know F1 it’s not worth watching right? Instead of watching chicks from Bahrain all covered up for F1 like it was the coldest winter out there, I’d rather watch beach volleyball.

I was never a Ferrari fan, mainly because I was so tired of them and Schumacher winning that I always wanted the others to win: McLaren, Renault, BMW, Fins, Spaniards, Brits and so on and I’m not a Ferrari fan today either. They always had a pretty great car and all it took to win a race with Ferrari was not to fell asleep during the race I think.

Nowadays the team with the best cars has the biggest chances to win and after years of disappointments Ferrari got the recipe right again and they’re back to victories. From 2010 Fernando Alonso arrived at the team and at his debut race for Ferrari the Spaniard, two times world champion, managed to win in Bahrain. To complete the great weekend, Felipe Massa came on second place to get the first double in the last 3 years for the Italian team.

Lewis Hamilton completed the podium and Sebastian Vettel came on the fourth place even though he started from pole and led more than two thirds of the race. He had some power problems and since his team couldn’t send him a Red Bull to drink, get energized and get his power back he had to settle with fourth place.

In the end, we’re back again at Schumacher. This German dude annoyed me a lot over the years but his comeback seemed pretty great and surely got a lot more fans in front of their TVs. My days were a lot better if Schumacher crashed or lost a race a couple of years ago but now that he’s not at Ferrari I kinda like his comeback and actually want him to win a race.

Anyway, there were other drivers who scored points, don’t really care who and don’t know exactly how many points because F1 rules change more often than the weather forecasts. They try to make the sport more exciting and unpredictable every year but it always ends up as boring as the last season.