9 May 2012

Fernanda Prada unleashes her cute little sexiness

Well helloo sunshine! Yesterday I posted a lot of awesome photos of Brazilian supermodel Elisandra Tomacheski modeling the new collection of skimpy outfits from  Bloomingdale’s and… guess what ?? Today we have another ridiculously sexy batch of photos from these guys, featuring another Brazilian hottie that I totally love, the adorably hot Fernanda Prada.

Now if you ask me, Fernanda is one of the most underrated supermodels in the world right now, and you can easily see why I say such a thing by gawking at any one of these pictures. She has the legs, the cleavage, the tush, the eyes, the lips, the naughty factor and.. she can literally take your breath away whenever she poses in lingerie or in bikinis.

I really don’t know why we don’t get to see new photos of Fernanda Prada more often but I guess seeing her only from time to time it’s better than nothing right? This peach is definitely a treat for your eyes. Drop. Dead. Sexy!