6 Jun 2010

Fernanda Lopez and her groovy body is a must see

Fernanda Lopez H 1

Here are some pics of some Latin hottie named Fernanda Lopez prancing around in her thongs and lingerie in the June 2010 Issue of H para Hombres Mexico.  You probably wonder: who the heck is this peach? All we can say about this Latin flavor is that she’s an actress and model and well… that’s all you need we’ve found about her and actually all you need to know too.

Her face is a bit weird if you’d ask me but her body looks really great in lingerie and its good enough to kick off this new week. Judging by her groovy body, we understand why she appeared in a couple of movies and she was also featured several times in local mens magazines.

I think she has a tattoo or something hiding in a private area and that definitely gets our imagination going.